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Club Lacrosse Teams

Here at DC Express we manage teams from 8th grade to rising seniors. Our goal is to help your athletes use lacrosse a resource to get into a great college institution. Our coaches provide the knowledge, resources and level of commitment necessary for a smooth travel season. 

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What To Expect:
When you sign up for DC Express, you sign up for the full club season (September thru July).
Try-Outs: DC Express Holds 2 days of try-outs in the summer to solidy teams for the upcoming club season
Uniforms: Helmets*, Gloves*, Shooter Shirt, Shorts, Reversible
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1-2 Practices a week, Fall League, Positional Training, 2-3 Fall tournaments
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Positional Training, Winter Box League
Access to Performance Sports Systems Facility for Off-Season Work
*Nominations to individual Showcases. 


(8th grade only) 2 practices a week, Howard County Lacrosse League, one-off play-days with local clubs
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2 Practice a week (mid-May thru the last tournament)
3-5 Recruiting Showcase Tournaments
*Nominations to individual Showcases. 
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